Dem Strategist on McCabe: ‘If He Did Something Illegal, Then He Does Need To Be Brought to Justice’

‘We need to find out if he actually lied’


SCOTT: "So Robin, to you, first, you know what Andy McCart -- I'm sorry Andrew McCabe is being accused of here, having set up phone calls to -- to release information to the 'Wall Street Journal' and then lying about it to investigators. Does it rise --"
BIRO: "Yes."
SCOTT: "-- to the level of criminal behavior?"
BIRO: "If he lied about it. Now he had — supposedly he had every right to leak that info — not leak, but he had every right to provide that information to the 'Wall Street Journal'. But whether or not he lied to it that's a horse of a different color. We need to find out if he actually lied, that would be wrong. I understand that he was relieved of his position a day before retirement. But if he did something illegal, then he does need to be brought to justice."

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