Ted Cruz: ‘We Are on the Verge of a Historic Election Night’

‘I think Republicans are going to take the U.S. Senate. I think we’re going to retire Harry Reid as Majority Leader’

"I've been on the road the last six weeks all over the country. I've been in Kansas. I've been in Georgia. I've been in Iowa. I've been in Colorado. Tonight, I'm here in Florida. I'm headed to Alaska day after tomorrow. You know, what I'm seeing on the ground is a lot of excitement, a lot of enthusiasm. I think we are on the verge of an historic election night next Tuesday. I think Republicans are going to retake the U.S. Senate. I think we're going to retire Harry Reid as majority leader. And I'll tell you, Sean, at this point, it all comes down to turnout.  It all comes down to if conservatives show up and vote, and if we get our friends and family and others to show up and vote, we're going to retake the Senate, and I think that's exactly what's going to happen ...

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party is so willing to engage in fear-mongering, to engage in racially charged attacks, to try to divide us, to try to divide us on racial lines, try to divide us on gender lines, and really to play the stereotypes. And it's wrong. You know, just a few days ago, as you know, Sean, the Democratic nominee for governor in South Carolina used a misogynist sexist insult for your and my friend, Nikki Haley. And -- and, you know, he tried to brush it off as he just misspoke, but you know, if you watch the video -- and I would encourage everyone to sit down and Google it and watch the video, you can see this Democrat running for governor laughing about it with the crowd, and then embracing it, embracing -- you know, if this were a Republican, if this were Todd Akin, it would lead the news on every channel all across the country!

To have a Democrat use a nasty personal misogynist insult, and yet the mainstream yawns and ignores it -- we need to get rid of these kind of personal attacks. We need to instead focus on the substance. And the reason the Democrats are engaged in the attacks is they can't defend the substance. they can't defend the economy. They can't defend ObamaCare. And they certainly cannot defend the shambles of the Obama- Clinton foreign policy that has left the whole world practically on fire."


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