Waltz: Meeting with Trump ‘Could Potentially Be a Propaganda Victory for Kim Jong Un’

‘This could potentially be a propaganda victory for Kim Jong Un’

WALTZ: "This could potentially be a propaganda victory for Kim Jong un. Remember, he has an internal audience. Namely, the north Korean military. For him to be meeting on par with the president of the United States, the leader of the free world, is a big victory for him. We need to make sure and I think that’s president is signaling if you’re just coming to the table for a propaganda show, that’s not going to work. And he’s going to walk away. That’s reason one. Two, there is substance. If he is coming to the table to drag things out, which is a page right out of the north Korean playbook, to buy a time when his missile engineers are creating a missile icbm, that’s signal number 2 that this president is going to go there. "

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