Charlie Dent: I’m Not Prepared to Support Trump in 2020

‘I did not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in 2016’


BOLDUAN: "Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania. Congressman, it's great to have you here."
DENT: "Thanks, Kate. Great to be with you."
BOLDUAN: "Thank you. So we — our many conversations that you’ve never been a huge supporter of the president, you call him out when need be, you support policies when they agree with yours. How do you answer this question? Will you back President Trump’s re-election bid?"
DENT: "Well just as Susan Collins said, like her, I supported John Kasich in the primary and I did not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in 2016. And I’m not prepared to support him in -- in 2020. And right now, as many have said, let’s watch the midterms. I think once these midterms occur, and if the midterms are — don’t go very well for my party, I suspect you’ll see a number of Republicans talking about making some changes atop of the ticket."

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