Trump: ‘There Hasn’t Been Nobody Tougher on Russia than President Donald Trump’

‘If we got along with other nations, that’s good, not bad’

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TRUMP: "There has been nobody tougher on Russia than president Donald Trump. Between building up the military, between creating tremendous, vast amounts of oil. We raised billions and billions of dollars extra in nato. We had a severe fight in Syria recently a month ago. Between our troops and Russian troops. It’s very sad. Many people died in that fight. There has the rush I will tell you there has been nobody tougher than a Donald Trump. And at the end of the night, we had a stretch in Syria, which was with absolute precision. I leave it with this, with all of that said, if we can get along with China and if we can get along with Russia, and if we can get along with Japan and other nations, that’s a good thing, not a bad thing. Just remember that. If we got along with other nations, that’s good, not bad. Thank you very much, everybody."

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