Trump: ‘The Friendship Between Japan and the United States Has Never Been Closer’

‘I truly believe it’s never been closer than it is today’

TRUMP: "It's the best in the world by far. The United States is committed to free, fair and reciprocal trade. We're pursuing a bilateral trade agreement that benefits both of our countries. We have agreed to intensity our trade and investment consultations. These past two days have been extremely productive. The friendship between Japan and the United States has never been closer. I truly believe it's never been closer than it is today. The bons between our people have never been stronger. In the months ahead we'll rely on this great friendship as we face an array of old challenges and new opportunities and we will face them together. We will work closely on trade. We will do something having to do with the imbalance that should have been done for years and years. Mr. Prime minister, I want to thank you again for traveling to Mar-a-Lago for these important discussions and meetings opinion it's been a true honor to welcome you here and to work with you toward greater security, prosperity and peace for our two truly great and wonderful nations. Thank you for being here. Thank you. Thank you very much."

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