Tom Rogan Slams Rand Paul: Comments About Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria ‘Embarrassing’

‘Rand Paul is a bright guy’


ROGAN: "I just honestly think it’s embarrassing he knows better — Rand Paul is a bright guy and goes to his briefings on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and he knows that’s not the case. As a senator he is entitled to privileged information. I wish that he would talk to some of his colleagues on the Intelligence Committee. Perhaps then he would get a better insight. It is simply not true. Again, the reason that Assad does this with Putin and why they’ll do it again is that they think there are no feasible consequences to it. Fortunately, President Trump has taken more steps than his predecessor in dealing with it. But until you impose costs for this kind of activity, then it will continue. The final point here is ultimately it is not about those dead children, as tragic as that is. It’s about the principle in the 21st century that chemical, biological, radiological or one day nuclear weapons are absolutely unusable in terms of both civil and military situations. If you don’t enforce that, well get ready for the whirlwind in the coming years because every other nation will say why not use it and terrorize and kill those who they wish to terrorize and kill."

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