Pilot on Southwest Engine Explosion: These Occurrences Are Very, Very Rare

‘These kinds of occurrences are very, very rare’


KILMEADE: "A Fox News alert now. Get this, a Southwest flight, another one, forced to land this morning in Nashville after a bird strike."
DOOCY: "That happening just one day after a Southwest plane’s motor exploded mid-air, killed one passenger on board. The NTSB investigating now how it all happened."
EARHARDT: "The commercial pilot and senior editor at flying magazine Rob Mark is here. Rob, everyone's waking up terrified. People who have to catch flight are booking flights. I have so many questions for you. What’s the safest seat to sit on, or to sit in and do we — do the aisle seat, not the window seat?"
MARK: "Well, I think the most of the seats are not really the issue. You know, there is — if anybody is concerned, maybe not sit at the window seat next to the front of the engine. But, these kinds of occurrences are very, very rare."

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