Dave Jolly: There Is Not Enough Room for the Dignity of the Bush Family in Today’s Republican Party

‘We can’t overlook the contrast between the Bush legacy and state of the Republican Party today’


JOLLY: "Barbara Bush was a remarkable woman. There was a certain grace, dignity, a quiet power, if you will, to her presence. She was — she and George Bush were the very first First Couple I ever met as a young campaign volunteer in Atlanta. They had flown in from their last debate in Michigan, that 1992 presidential race. The race had largely gotten away from them but they arrived and spent the next 24 hours as though win or lose, they were doing what they felt was right for the country and they were going to win or lose with great dignity. To your point, Chris, we can’t overlook the contrast between the Bush legacy and the state of the Republican Party today. The reality is, there is not much room for the dignity of the Bush family in today’s Republican Party. That’s a political conversation that continues to be had within the GOP. But tonight we celebrate a truly wonderful and remarkable woman."

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