McConnell: ‘80% to 90% of the American People Get Tax Relief out of This Bill’

‘Not a single Democrat voted for it’


MCCONNELL: "Well, 80 to 90 percent of the American people get tax relief out of this bill. Not a single Democrat voted for it as you pointed out in your introductory observations. They want to take this to the American people. And we’re happy to do that to see whether the American people think it’s a good idea for us to let them keep more of their hard-earned money rather than sending it to us to be spent on whatever we choose to spend it on. I think it really kind of sums up the major differences between the parties these days, Neil. I've got a letter from all but three of them before we passed the tax bill saying what kind of tax reform they would be willing to support. And it was all about class envy and wealth transfer. It had nothing to do with actually getting the economy growing. And in the end, of course, even the three who didn’t sign the letter didn’t vote for it. So it’s a clear line of demarcation."

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