John Ratcliffe: Comey’s Made It Harder to Prosecute Anyone for Leaking Classified Material

‘Leaking classified information is a crime or at least it used to be’


FAULKNER: "I’m thinking crime. Like, really? I’m only thinking crime. Because why else would we care? It seems like nobody is held accountable for their morals. Although James Comey likes to talk about moral fitness. But that would not be right legally. If he gave knowing classified information to people who were not cleared to look at it."
RATCLIFFE: "Well Harris, you are right, it should be. Leaking classified information is a crime or at least it used to be. One of the ironies here, Harris, is that prosecuting anyone for the disclosure of classified information has been made more difficult under the Jim Comey standard or Jim Comey precedent set in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Remember, he added an element that you have to harm — have intent to harm national security. You can be grossly negligent. You can be extremely careless. You can take America’s most sensitive national security information and leave them in a Starbucks outside the Kremlin, but under the most recent department case deciding this matter you can’t be charged with the improper disclosure of classified information."

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