Noah on Comey Roasting Trump: We Know You’re Doing It For Money

‘You can’t take the high and low road at the same time’

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NOAH: "And now, look, here’s the thing, I know how Comey is trying to present himself, okay. But it’s hard for us to believe that this is a selfless, unbiased expose written for the people and for the benefit of the people when you’re throwing grade school shade like this ... Funny, doesn’t sound like an impartial law man. Sounds like a guy who got fired from white castle talking trash about his ex-boss — man, that guy smelled like onions before he got to work! I thinking with petty hurts Comey’s credibility. You can’t take the high and low road at the same time. Comey knew roasting Trump would help him sell books. If you’re trying to make money, don’t act like you’re doing it for our sake. Basically Comey is hiding the money aspect of this whole thing."

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