CNN’s Zakaria: ‘Despite His Protestations and Constant Digs’ Trump ‘Has Morphed’ into Obama

‘Trump, like Obama is wary of American involvement and yet can’t completely stay away’


ZAKARIA: "Recognizing the dangerous of lawless areas in which Islam radicals like ISIS emerges. But has never found a viable moderate partner on the ground in Syria that was large enough or effective enough to have even a chance of becoming dominant militarily and politically. So under President Obama, the policy became a wish more than a strategy. Announce that Assad must leave by refrain from trying to make that happen with the massive and pro longed American commitments it would entail. Fight ISIS but limit American involvement to that specific goal. And take actions to deter the use of chemical weapons. In Obama’s case this involved working with the Russians to confiscate the stock piles. In Trump’s case it has been two limited strikes. But the overall approach is remarkably similar. Trump, like Obama is wary of American involvement and yet can’t completely stay away. So he has come up with a few discreet ways to use American power without actually getting much involved in the Syrian conflict. It is perhaps a sign of America’s few options that on Syria, despite his protestations and constant digs at his predecessor Donald Trump has morphed into Barack Obama." 

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