Schiff: Huckabee Sanders Is Wrong, We Found ‘Evidence of Collusion’ in Trump Tower Meeting

‘There have been, I think, any number of witnesses and evidence we have found on the issue of collusion’

STEPHANOPOULOS: In fact, Comey quotes President Obama around that time saying that Putin backed the wrong horse, that these (ph) assumptions were widespread not only through the administration, actually through a lot of the country at that time as well (ph).

On — on the broader investigation, you also heard Sarah Sanders say that there’s been absolutely no evidence of any kind of collusion that’s come forward. And in fact, the president’s gone farther, said there is no collusion and that’s been concluded by the investigators.

You’re still investigating.

SCHIFF: We’re still investigating it, and this is just simply not true. There have been, I think, any number of witnesses and evidence we have found on the issue of collusion, and the Trump Tower meeting itself, the promise of help by the Russian government, the acceptance of help by the Trump campaign, the secret conversations with George Papadopoulos, all of this is evidence of collusion.

Now it’s a separate question whether it’s proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a conspiracy to violate U.S. election laws or a conspiracy to defraud the United States, one thing I think that’s very telling about the last indictment, Bob Mueller’s indictment of the Russians, it made no mention of the hacking and dumping operation.

Now, why was that not included?


SCHIFF: That indictment is coming, George, it’s just a question of whether that indictment includes U.S. persons or not.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And — and do credit at all this (inaudible) report over the weekend, that they say that Mueller’s developed evidence that Michael Cohen was indeed in the Czech Republic?

SCHIFF: I don’t know the answer to that, because like much of the — like maybe the witnesses we’ve brought before our committee, the majority was unwilling to use subpoena power to test whether they were telling us the truth.

So we asked the majority, let’s subpoena his travel records, let’s subpoena his credit card records, let’s find out where he was in Europe. When he says that he was in one place, did he go because there are (ph) not necessarily passport records to Prague or — or somewhere else to have these meetings.

The republicans didn’t want to know the answers, and wouldn’t subpoena those records. So at this point, we don’t know the answer, and I hope the — the Special Council can find out.

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