MSNBC’s Brian Williams Confuses Trump with Obama Amid Syria Strikes

‘It all started 9:00 Eastern Time with about a five-minute address by President Obama’


WILLIAMS: "11:00 hour here on the east coast, which would normally be our hour of programming on a week night like this. But we are covering, of course, a different story. We’re going to be mixing in some of the political coverage. The 11:00 hour has indeed arrived. And if you’ve been following the news this evening, either here on television or via your device, you know that after a tumultuous day in the life of this administration and American politics, it has been capped off tonight by American military action in Syria. American pilots and aviators have gone to work in the skies surrounding that nation. A lot of American Navy assets have gone to work tonight, and we’re hearing that approximately 120 cruise missiles in all were lobbed into Syria, mostly at three different locations. The mission tonight was clearly stated at the Pentagon, and that was to degrade Syria’s chemical weapon ability. It all started 9:00 eastern time with about a five-minute address by President Obama. Here’s a portion of that."

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