Garamendi on Syria: ‘One More Example’ Trump Doesn’t Give a ‘Hoot’ About Laws

‘What we have to do is regain the power of Congress’

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GARAMENDI: "Absolutely not. This is just one more example of a president that doesn’t give a hoot about the laws of the United States or the Constitution. I picked up the Constitution on the way in, listening to everybody. Congress, only Congress, are the able 1, section 8 has the power to declare war. Article 2, section 2, the president is the commander-in-chief, all that the Constitution says. Doesn’t say anything about, the power of the president to wage war. There is a war powers act out there which also restricts the president’ower to wage war. What we have to do is regain the power of Congress. We cannot allow this man, this president, to run all around this world, just sending off missiles whenever he thinks there is a problem out there. Indeed there is a problem. There is a very, very serious problem. In Syria, Assad is a butcher doing terrible things to his people. Launching missiles isn’t going to solve the problem. We neherent, strong, smart strategy through time to deal with Syria. We have never seen that out of this administration."

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