NBC Hails Obama for ‘Hitting Back’ in ‘Fight over Quarantines’ for Ebola Workers

‘As another American Ebola survivor is released, the president comes out swinging in this fight over quarantines’

NBC Hails Obama For ‘Hitting Back’ in ‘Fight Over Quarantines' For Returning Ebola Aid Workers (NewsBusters)

NBC Nightly News showered praise on President Obama regarding his Ebola response on Tuesday night, proclaiming that Obama was “hitting back” and “[came] out swinging in this fight over quarantines” against those who demanded and then implemented quarantines for aid workers returning from West Africa.

The rhetoric followed NBC’s Today from Tuesday morning in which Matt Lauer slammed Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for quarantining health care workers that return to the United States through his state after treating those stricken with Ebola in Africa.

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