Rep. Castro: If Trump Fires Rosenstein, It ‘Would Get The Ball Rolling on Impeachment’

‘It’s also clear that this investigation is getting closer and closer to the president’

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BLITZER: "Let’s bring in democratic congressman Castro of Texas. He is a member of the intelligence and the foreign affairs committees. Congressman, thank you for joining us. I want your quick reaction to the strategy of the White House we reported on and undermine the deputy attorney general Rosenstein suggesting he’s conflicted Gibb the role in the firing of the FBI director James Comey. Does this make any sense to you at all or does the White House appear to be laying the ground work for Rosenstein’s firing?" 
CASTRO: "It is a bad strategy and if they continue along that path it looks like their ultimate goal to fire Rosenstein so they can get rid of Mueller and that would take us right into a constitutional crisis and I think would get the ball rolling on impeachment for the president." 
BLITZER: "Why do you think it takes the U.S. Into a constitutional crisis? The president clearly has the authority to fire Rosenstein if he wants." 
CASTRO: "But it’s also clear that this investigation is getting closer and closer to the president. And his close confidants and the trump organization. It would be a clear move to make himself above the law and make it such that he could put a friendlier person in there to do the investigation rather than have somebody do a fair, thorough and honest investigation."

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