Lindsey Graham: Pompeo ‘Is Not a Libertarian, So I Can Understand Why Rand Paul Does Not Like Him’

‘He is a solid, conservative Republican, that I think is highly qualified and I hope he gets bipartisan support’


GRAHAM: "But let me just say to Bob Menendez, my friend, I voted for John Kerry, understanding exactly how many times I disagreed with him, because I thought he was qualified. Bob, Mike Pompeo was first in his class at West Point, he was an army officer, he went to Harvard Law School, he's been C.I.A. Director, he's been a member of Congress who has traveled all over the world with myself and Senator McCain, he’s an outstanding choice. He has the confidence of the  President, the C.I.A. Director, he understands the world for what it is. He is not a libertarian, so I can understand why Rand Paul does not like him. He is not a liberal Democrat. He is a solid, conservative Republican that I think is highly qualified and I hope he gets bipartisan support.”

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