CNN: Cory Booker Was ‘Masterful’ in Attacking Pompeo on Gay Marriage

‘Cory Booker today quite masterfully puts him on the spot’

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KOSINSKI: “And in the past he was asked similar questions about his anti-Muslim views. It’s a good point, what Nia was saying. One of the things that's controversial is that he has spoken out against Muslims who don’t speak out against terrorism. He has called that being complicit. So now Cory Booker today, quite masterfully, puts him on the spot and says, 'You were on this radio show where they talk about things like Muslims wanting to impose sharia law in America or Muslims should be prosecuted for this.' You didn’t speak out about that. So he turned his own words really on himself. And when you are questioned directly and say, 'Do you believe that being gay is a perversion? Do you believe that gay sex is a perversion?' and the best can you say is, 'My record has been unambiguous,' you’re essentially saying, 'Yes, I do believe that.'”

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