Robert Torricelli: Republican Party Is Becoming Donald Trump’s Party

‘The institutional decline of the Republican Party that began with Donald Trump’s victory will now accelerate’

MELBER: "Do you think Paul Ryan may be leaving because he will lose anyway?"
TORRICELLI: "I think it's fairly clear they think they will lose control of the house and he lost control of his caucus. I know this day belongs to him and we are not supposed to rain on him --"
MELBER: "Senator, I always tell you on this show, just do you. Don't worry about what day it is." 
TORRICELLI: "You asked an honest question. Here is an honest answer.
MELBER: "Please.
TORRICELLI: "Here is a man that gave his career to the federal budget. He decided to become part of the tax bill."
MELBER: "He came to the most important job in Congress and you're saying it was a fraud.
TORRICELLI: "I'm sorry, but he left America down. He voted for something, something he cannot possibly believe in. It has to be a calculation about his career and his life and what he has done.:
MELBER: "We are seeing a lot of Republicans that if they ever tried they stopped doing that. They went along or dodged the questions. Some of them are leaving. Did you want it lead more firmly than ever?"
TORRICELLI: "Without a doubt. I have been part of these during my career. You identify with your leader, you're part of his team. When the leader goes your role can diminish considerably. If you have been there a few years it is time to go for the doors. It leads to exactly what you're saying. The institutional decline of the Republican Party that began with Donald Trump's victory will now accelerate. The standard small town conserve tives will leave. This is becoming Donald Trump's party."

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