Kinzinger: Trump ‘Is Well Within His Authority to Strike Syria’ Without Coming to Congress

‘If the president decided to come to Congress, I absolutely would vote for this’


KINZINGER: "If the President decided to come to Congress, I absolutely would vote for this, the authority to give him authority in Syria. I would be proud to do so. I don’t think he needs to come to Congress. The fact is this threatens national security. The job of Congress is very simple. We declare, according to the Constitution, if a state of war exists and we provide the financial oversight and resources in terms of the execution of that. The president’s job is to be commander-in-chief and to make those kinds of policy decisions. You have some out here, whether it’s trying to make news, whether they really believe it or whatever, that want Congress, 535 of us between the House and the Senate, to basically be apprised about every operational detail of the U.S. Military. The question is where does that line end? I think the President is well within his authority to strike Syria, to strike them right now without coming to Congress and he ought to do it."

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