Jim Jordan: ‘The Response from the DoJ Has Been Pathetic’ on Doc Requests

‘It has been terrible the kind of response we’ve received thus far’


HEMMER: "You met with Mr. Lausch yesterday. What do you think?"
JORDAN: "Yeah, Mark and I met with him. He does seem like a nice guy. But let's be honest, the -- the response from the Department of Justice has been pathetic. They couldn't answer four fundamental questions yesterday. What’s the approximate universe of documents we’re entitled to -- they couldn't answer that. What are the steps involved in going through that process to get it to us. They couldn't answer how many steps and how the process worked. They couldn’t even tell us the redaction policy. What gets redacted? What does and how the process works? And then I said, when do you think you’ll finally get us the documents we’re entitled to as the separate and equal branch of government? And they couldn’t answer that. So I -- I -- it's been terrible the kind of response we’ve received thus far. Let's for goodness sake let’s hope John Lausch can improve the effort over there. Because there's only one direction it can go; it can only get better."

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