John Thune: Paul Ryan’s Decision Is ‘a Real Loss for the Institution and Our Country’

‘He is a great talent’


HEMMER: "We have an immediate reaction now. Senator John Thune, the Republican live from the Hill. And senator, good morning to you. On quick notice here the news is breaking."
THUNE: "Good morning, Bill."
HEMMER: "What do you have to add on Paul Ryan’s future?"
THUNE: "Well, I -- I think that, you know, you know, it’s something that's been talked about for a long time and obviously he's got a young family and I think probably wants to spend more time with them. And I’m sure the speaker of the House, which I have think is the hardest job probably in the world, is eventually sort of wears on you, but he's -- he's a great talent. He's incredibly bright, smart guy, strong, you know, policy mind. Somebody who has made a huge difference in the time he's been here. It'll be a real loss for the institution and for -- for our country."

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