Limbaugh: Republicans Ought to Quarantine Chris Christie

‘One week before the election, once again, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has caved’

RUSH LIMBAUGH: "So one week before the election we have here a bunch of states that are deciding to do their own quarantines, and the Regime is flipping out.  Obama and his gang are flipping out.  They want to be in total control of the quarantines.  So one week before the election, once again, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has caved.  We need to quarantine Chris Christie is what needs to happen here, folks.  This is the second election in a row. One week prior to the election, the governor of New Jersey ends up -- well, I don't know arm in arm, hand in hand, in bed with? I don't know how to characterize it, but responding to Obama's demands.  I'm sorry.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but (laughing) I really think the Republicans ought to make sure that Governor Christie gets quarantined. 

"From now on, once we get to a week before an election, we need to find a way here.  He finds himself in the middle here of taking center stage with another national crisis with another Obama hug moment. Governor Cuomo is doing the same thing, but that kind of makes sense because Governor Cuomo and Obama are in the same party.  And yeah, I know, I've got Hillary. Hillary's at the top of the Stack, and we'll get to that.  We're gonna get to all of it here today, folks.  We've got, as is the usual case, a full load, if you will. 

"I hope all those people who complain about Barack Hussein O being such a hands-off president notice how quickly he acted to try to stop New York and New Jersey and Illinois from quarantining people coming back from Ebola countries.  That was an impressive show of power, don't you think?  Already Cuomo and Christie have been forced to cave before Obama's onslaught. So it's really clear that Obama can act, and he can act fast when it's something that really matters to him, such as making sure that people who might have Ebola aren't cooped up for 21 days.  This is unbelievable to me.  But it's happening right before our very eyes."

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