Flashback — Costello: ESPN’s Smith’s Apology Is Insufficient, Must Be Suspended

‘Why is ESPN giving Smith a pass?’

CNN media reporter: Costello deserves all the criticism she’s getting (HotAir)

[ ... ] If you’ve forgotten Costello’s take on Stephen Smith, it took place in late July, after Smith actually did apologize on air for suggesting that Janay Rice played a role in the incident of domestic violence that put the NFL under the microscope this season. Costello dismissed Smith’s apology as “nice,” but said that making the argument that a woman could contribute to her own victimization by violence deserved a stronger response from ESPN — a suspension:

It is nice that Smith apologized, but I wonder if ESPN will do what it ought to do — suspend Smith. Look, in 2012, the management at ESPN expressed outrage when two employees used the phrase “chink in the armor” when referencing Jeremy Lin, the Asian basketball player. One employee was suspended for thirty days, and the other was fired. So why is ESPN giving Smith a pass?

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