Emily Jane Fox: Michael Cohen Says Trump Is Like His Father

‘It is true that they are very much linked to another one and incredibly close’


JANE FOX: “It is true that they are inextricably linked to one another and incredibly close and have been for more than a decade. Michael Cohen has not only worked there as an attorney for the Trump organization and now as a personal attorney, but Michael Cohen, the first time I interviewed him over the summer, he basically said, 'This guy is like my father.' I asked him a question about if he would continue to be loyal to him no matter what, if there was a red line. And he said, 'Would you do that for your own father?' Which I thought was a very telling statement, that that is the question he was posing back to me and that is the way he thought about Donald Trump. And I think that is the way he thinks about the entire Trump family. The way he thinks about the children, like some sort of niece, nephew, brother, sister hybrid. So he’s not only been there and seen everything and describes himself as a loyal fixer, but he has an emotional connection to them. And that’s something that you can’t discount here. He’s been involved in a number of business transactions, but the way he thinks about them is very much like a member of the family.”

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