Nicholas Burns: Syria ‘an Essential Test for John Bolton and It Will Also Be a Test for Mike Pompeo’

‘This is an essential test for John Bolton and it will also be a test for Mike Pompeo’

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BURNS: “Mike, I think it’s a central question. This is an early test obviously for John Bolton on his first day on a job. It's also going to be a test for Mike Pompeo at his confirmation hearings this coming Thursday. He’s now going to be asked about this. This will be one of the central issues. There is a coalition we can pull together. It the Sunni-Arab states; we in effect represent their -- many of their interests in Syria. It’s certainly the United Kingdom and France. The United Kingdom has standoff weapons so they could be involved in the attack, but it has to be much larger than that. It has to be complete the battle against ISIS, protect the Syrian Kurds, have leverage in Syria so that we can compete politically, diplomatically, with the Iranians and the Russians and Turks.

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