Rep. Waters on Parkland Students: ‘The Young People Have No Filters ... I Just Love It’

‘I’m so thrilled about the young people and what they have done’


REID: "We were just talking in a previous segment about guns. You’re in the halls of Congress. Has the NRA lost real power?"
WATERS: "No, but I want tell you I’m so thrilled about the young people and what they have done and what they are going to continue to do. I think there’s going to be real spike in the voting. They’re going to get to the polling places. They’re going to be involved if these elections and they’re going to change minds. I think they are going to change minds. Some in their own families and communities. They’re going to learn a lot about politicians. How they think and how they work. They’re going to call us out. I’m very optimistic about the ability to make change. I think the NRA knows what it’s up against. No matter how they try to pretend they have not intimidated by the young people. They’re going to be put in a very bad place with these young people. The young people have no filters. They’re going directly to them. I just love it."

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