Herman: If Trump Didn’t Know About the Payment, He Didn’t Know About the Agreement

‘If he didn’t know about any of that stuff, then there is no agreement’

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HERMAN: "Right, he said he didn’t know about the payment to her, which means avenatti’s right if he didn’t know about the payment, he didn’t know about the agreement, he didn’t know about the provisions in the agreement, the representations in the agreement, the purpose of the agreement. If he didn’t know about any of that stuff, then there is no agreement, there is no arbitration clause, there is no agreement, it’s null and void, and avenatti has the ammunition now to make that notion to have this agreement null and void and he should do it. He shouldn’t play around. He shouldn’t play cute. That’s the relief they sought to have this agreement knocked out and he has it now in spades and as far as trump’s attorney go, there’s reality and then there’s insanity. The reality is ten days before the election the “Access Hollywood” tape comes out. They move to shut her up. They all get together and they do that. That’s the reality of it. The insanity is the attorney, without discussing it with trump, mortgaged his house for $130,000 to shut her up."

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