Jay Carney: Obama ‘Doesn’t Watch Cable News,’ but He ‘Is Aware’ of Fox

‘He doesn’t hyperventilate about the political crises of the moment’

Jay Carney: Obama Doesn’t Watch Cable News, ‘Is Aware’ of Fox (Mediaite)

Former White House Press Secretary and current CNN contributor Jay Carney described his former boss’ media habits on Reliable Sources Sunday morning, telling host Brian Stelter that PresidentBarack Obama maintains awareness of cable news’ outrages du jour but keeps far away from them.

“He’s a voracious consumer of the printed word, even the electronic printed word,” Carney said, listing a series of print and web publications like the New York Times and Politico. “But he doesn’t watch cable news.”

“You didn’t mention Fox News’ website,” Stelter pointed out.

“He’s aware of what’s out there,” Carney said, throwing shade. “I don’t think it would be accurate to say that by not watching cable news he’s not aware of what the political fight of the day is. But he maintains a healthy distance.”

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