Don Lemon to Gowdy: Is Firing Jeff Sessions Obstructing Justice?

‘I don’t think Jeff Sessions is going anywhere’

LEMON: "Congressman Gowdy, I'm wondering with Trump replacing the Attorney General with the goal of firing Mueller rise to the level of obstruction to you?"
GOWDY: "Well, it depends on why he fired Jeff Sessions. If he fired Jeff Sessions because he was trying to get to Rod Rosenstein and then Bob Mueller, I guess that's a criminal, quasi-legislative constitutional injury question. If you fired Jeff Sessions because, you know, Jeff Sessions robbed a bank later on tonight, no, that would not -- I think we would all agree on that. It depends on why he fired him. I don't think it's going to happen. And I don't think can you fire Bob Mueller and by the time we saw all the pieces being played out, I think the senator is right. It will be a really difficult confirmation process. I frankly think it will be a difficult confirmation process for anyone. It's a 51-49 split in the Senate. Jeff Sessions is the former United States Senator. So I don't doubt whatever sources may have said that. Actually, I do. I don't think Jeff Sessions is going anywhere other than being subject of some episodic criticism."

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