Steve Schmidt: Trump Is ‘Useful Idiot,’ He Is Doing Vladimir Putin’s Bidding

‘He’s undermining the American people’s faith in the idea of America’


SCHMIDT: "This president and there’s a Russian term, 'useful idiot', for an unwilling or a willing collaborator to their aims, and the -- our president is a useful idiot, referred to, by the way, on Russian state media all the time as 'our president' meaning Russia’s president. He is a useful idiot for Russia's aims and undermining our democratic institutions. When he attacks the intelligence community, when he attacks the Justice Department, when he attacks and undermines essential institutions, he is doing Vladimir Putin’s bidding, his work for him. He’s undermining the American people’s faith in the idea of America, the capacity of the American people for self-governance, and the essential institutions that make our country special. And so it’s an extraordinary moment to watch this unfolding every day."

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