MSNBC: Trump and Michael Cohen Files Paperwork to Move Stormy Daniels Case to Arbitration

‘The porn star is suing President Trump to get a nondisclosure agreement nullified’

GEIST: "So, now to the new move by President Trump to keep the Stormy Daniels case under wraps. Late yesterday the President and his personal attorney Michael Cohen filed paperwork asking the judge to order the case be resolved through private arbitration and not in the courts. The porn star is suing President Trump to get a nondisclosure agreement nullified. She signed the NDA just 11 days before the election and as you know, was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about an alleged affair with Trump in 2006. The President denies the allegations. Responding to the new filing, Daniels’ attorney tweeted this, quote, 'We will vigorously oppose the just filed motion by Trump and Cohen to have this case decided in a private arbitration, in a private conference room, hidden from the American public. This is a democracy and this matter should be decided in an open court of law owned by the people. #Sunlight."

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