Fox News: Kremlin Says Trump Has Invited Putin to the White House But No Date Set

‘President Trump asked Russian president Vladimir Putin to have a summit possibly in Washington, D.C.’


EDSON: "What we’re looking at right now is what the Russian embassy is referring us to and that's a report out of TASS, state media in Russia saying that during their phone conversation President Trump asked Russian president Vladimir Putin to have a summit possibly in Washington, D.C. According to this TASS report, which the Russian embassy directed us to, they noted there has been no confirmation where exactly or how exactly they would pull this off. This is right before the latest round of back and forth between the U.S. kicking out diplomats, the Russians kicking out diplomats and this has gone back for some time between the U.S. and Russian governments. But of course, that latest round with 60 diplomats getting kicked out of the United States and Russia. But the relationship that started between the Trump Administration and Russia and Vladimir Putin, they thought there was some potential in areas where they could work together. It is clear that hasn’t worked out when it comes to Syria, when it comes to Ukraine, all these other types of issues between the U.S. government and the Russian government really now hitting a low that you have gotten 60 diplomats kicked out of Russia and 60 diplomats kicked out of the United States, Bill."

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