Steve Schmidt: The Mueller Investigation ‘Poses an Existential Threat to This President’

‘This investigation is deadly serious’


SCHMIDT: "He sure is. Look, and the pressure’s only going to intensify as this investigation continues to move closer and closer to the oval Office. The one thing I suspect is almost certainly true is that there will be additional indictments that Robert Mueller knows much more about where this investigation is, what its focus is than we do. And that all through the time of Donald Trump’s presidency, we have seen revelations denied over and over again by administration officials, those stories fall apart. And what we see are this unusual connection between Russians, the campaign, the active measures under way to attack the country, the country’s election process by the Russian Federation. So this investigation is deadly serious. It poses an existential threat to this president. And for some time, we’ve seen Republican members right wing media attacking the special counsel, attacking the justice Department, attacking the intelligence communities trying to undermine these institutions. Girding for the political war that they see coming. Because while Robert Mueller knows what he’s investigating, on the other side, the president and his team know exactly what it is that they did or didn’t do."

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