Trump: ’40 Percent of Our Bridges Were Built… Before the First Moon Landing’

‘You go to some countries, they’re building bridges all over the place’


TRUMP: "And we have other things. Nearly 40 percent of our bridges were built before — think of this — before the first Moon landing. You go to some countries, they’re building bridges all over the place. All over, you have bridges going up. One particular country, I won’t use it because they’re very friendly to me, they weren’t friendly to us as a nation but now they're friendly, they’re building 29 bridges. We don’t build bridges very much anymore. Little bit, every once in a while, but our roads are clogged, we have average driver spend 42 hours every year stuck in traffic costing us at least $160 billion annually. Our mass transit systems are a mess, they’re dilapidated and they're decayed. Nationwide we average 300 power outages per year compared to just five per year in the 1980s. Total mess."

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