CNN: Trump Lawyer John Dowd Floated Idea of Pardons for Manafort, Flynn

‘It does appear the president has broad powers to pardon people’

BLITZER: "Let’s dig deeper with Evan Perez. If it’s true that John dowd, the president’s now former lawyer brought Tim idea of pardons, could that be considered potentially obstruction of justice?"
PEREZ: "Well, I think there’s a difference of opinion among legal experts as to whether or not this would be obstruction of justice. I don’t think so personally. But I think what would change is if there is any proof or any indication of an e-mail somewhere indicating the president was floating this idea of pardons in exchange for them not dropping the dime on him. So far no, evidence of that has emerged. But it does appear the president has broad powers to pardon people. And so long as, again, there is no nefarious intent by the president, he can probably do this."

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