Van Jones: Now It Can Be Told, Dems Were Shaken by Palin in 2008

‘Now it can be told — we were scared!’

Van Jones: Now It Can Be Told, Dems Were Shaken by Palin in 2008 (Digitas Daily)

JONES: "Sarah Palin, people forget. She had the Democratic Party shaking in our boots in 2008. She came out, she gave that speech at the convention. That was hands down one of the best convention speeches. Not by a woman, by anybody in 2008. People were running for the hills. And she managed to tear her own legacy of both by bizarre tweets, weird stuff and then the family drama. I would understand why this young woman would be upset -- "
LOESCH: "-- because at first she was so stupid. That's what I heard from the left. She's so stupid, Katie Couric asked her as to what she reads for her news at the start of the day. So I don't know what narrative it is. She's so stupid, you know, everybody made fun of her from Megan McCain to John McCain or she was so brilliant. That was the first time that I heard anybody that -- "
JONES: "Now it can be told. Now it can be told. We were scared!"

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