Colbert on Trump Denying He Couldn’t Get Lawyers: And I Didn’t Go to the Prom Because Too Many Girls Asked Me To Be Their Date

‘This is really one of the saddest trump Tweets I’ve ever seen’


COLBERT: "This is really one of the saddest trump Tweets I’ve ever seen. He knows no one wants to represent him, but he’s saying everyone does. That’s like when I said I wasn’t going to prom because too many pretty girls asked me and I didn’t want to see them cry. He’s got plenty of lawyers, but they’re all in Canada modeling. Also, if you need a legal team, maybe don’t say “Fame and fortune will never be turned down by a lawyer,” and “If for no other reason than they can bill more.” “Why aren’t these bloodsucking, ambulance-chasing, fame-whores more excited about keeping me out of jail?” I don’t know."

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