Mary Anne Marsh: Dems Will Take Back the House and the Senate Too

‘Democrats are going to do incredibly well in November’


SMITH: "Mary Anne, I’ll give you the last word to you."
MARSH: "Well here’s the reality. You saw women starting in January of 2017 going into 2018 leading this country for change. Out in the streets protesting. They’ve been joined by communities of color who have turned out and voted in election after election after election. And now this past weekend where you saw amazing kids lead the March for Our Lives across this country. Every single state had at least one March for Our Lives. Ninety percent of 435 congressional districts had a march as well. Those are the three groups that are going to drive the change in this election, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t believe when you look at the facts that Democrats are going to do incredibly well in November, take back the House, and I’m betting they take back the Senate, too."

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