Campus Reform: March for Our Lives Protesters Want Assault Weapons Banned, Don’t Know What They Are

‘Do you know what assault weapons is?’


PHILLIPS: "We’re banning an assault weapon. Do you know what assault weapon is?"
PROTESTER 1: "Yeah, it’s um, assault weapon. It’s like, um — I kind of do, but kind of don’t.”
PROTESTER 1: "Like --"
PROTESTER 2: "It's just -- well --"
PROTESTER 3: "What is an assault weapon?"
PHILLIPS: "Can any of you tell me what an assault weapon is?"
PROTESTER 4: “Uhm, like I -- no, I guess. But assault weapons, like, does that sound safe to you?”
PHILLIPS: "Do you guys know what an assault weapon is?"
PROTESTER: "Yeah. Honestly, if you're asking me, any gun that isn't a pistol should be banned."

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