O’Donnell: No One Has Talked Tougher to Trump than Michael Avenatti and Trump Is Afraid To Mention His Name

‘Donald Trump is giving this story a dimension that no other Trump story has had’


O'DONNELL: "And now that Stormy Daniels has gone out and clearly violated the confidentiality agreement on television, this is a real legal challenge to the president, and -- and -- and let’s see what the president says about this. The really striking thing that is unique about this is that Donald Trump has not dared to speak one word about Stormy Daniels, has not dared to say she’s not telling the truth, has not dared to attack her. Michael Avenatti last week said on television, said to Chris Matthews that what he was doing was firing a warning shot at Donald Trump. No one has talked tougher directly to Donald Trump on TV than Michael Avenatti, and Donald Trump is afraid to mention his name. So Donald Trump is giving this story a dimension that no other Trump story has ever had, which is the absolute silence of Donald Trump."

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