Jack Keane: ‘This Is Not About John Bolton, This Is About President Trump’s National Security Agenda’

‘This is about a president who has now been in the job 14 months’


KEANE: "First of all, their reaction doesn’t surprise me. Some of the stuff that they say is so incredibly shallow. This is about a president who has now been in the job 14 months. We know that he has a sense of this world out there. He signed, I thought, the best comprehensive and accurate national security strategy that I have seen any president to you in my adult life. It is really quite remarkable because it describes the world as it really is. Russia, China, Iran. A radical Islam driving. These are major challenges that we have to push back on. We have to do so with our allies. So where we are moving is because of Mr. Trump. He is comfortable in the job, and now he wants advisers around him that support his agenda, not somebody else’s agenda. His agenda. This is not about John Bolton, this is about president Trump's national security agenda."

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