Panetta: ‘This President Likes Chaos’

‘This president likes to operate on his own’


PANETTA: "Well, I think president that I’ve worked with, both on the outside as well as on the inside. The president seeks stability for the nation. They seek stability for the White House operations. I don’t know of a president who likes chaos in the past bust this president likes chaos. So that’s what we’ve got. We’ve got a staff that is turned over almost 45%. It is constantly changing. People aren’t sure whether they’ll be there the next day. It creates an atmosphere in which the staff finds it very difficult to know whether or not they’re going to be supported by the president and what should they be doing in terms of presenting policies to this president. This president likes to operate on his own. He thinks he is the smartest guy in the room. In terms of dealing with complex issues and foreign policy, every president that I know has found out very quickly that they need to know more in terms of the decisions they make." 

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