CNN: Dow Drops Almost 1.8 Percent Amid Trump’s China Tariffs, Down Over 700 Points Over 2 Days

‘China is America’s biggest creditor’


KOSIK: "For the past two days it has been. Get out your calculator. 700 points. Over 700 points yesterday. Over 400 today. The Dow in an official correction after a recent high. The stocks couldn’t find their footing. They were bouncing from positive to negative. Investors on edge about tariffs. Announced by President Trump and then China. The worry is this trade spout will turn into an all out trade war. One strategist saying we don’t know the next shoe to drop on trade and today is Friday. Going into a weekend. Investors don’t want to hold to any risky bets because anything could happen over the weekend when it comes to China costly they roll out another wave of tariffs? The cherry on top rattling investors even more? China’s ambassador to the U.S. Signaling it could pull back from buying U.S. Treasuries, meaning our debt. That could be seismic. China is America’s biggest creditor."

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