Charlie Kirk: ‘This President Is Someone Who Is Really Fighting for Our Generation’

‘We cannot allow the Democrats to have a political monopoly on the youth’


[clip starts]
KIRK:" What advice would you give to the 25-year-old Donald Trump knowing what you know today?" (Laughter)
TRUMP:" Don’t run for president. (Laughter) ... All my life I've got really — look, we all get every once in a while, but I got the greatest publicity. I was getting such great until I ran for office."
[clip ends]
HEGSETH: "Well that was yesterday. President Trump speaking to a group of millennial leaders touching on a number of issues important to young Americans."
EARHARDT: "Our next guest was the moderator who you saw there on stage who asked him that question, the moderator of the discussion. He joins us now. Charlie Kirk, the executive director director of Turning Point USA. Hey, Charlie, great to see you."
KIRK:"Good morning. Thanks for having me."
EARHARDT: "You know, it was a light-hearted response to that question. But is he serious? Do you believe he is regretting it, maybe?"
KIRK:"No, I don’t think so. That’s the way some of the pundits in the mainstream media tried to spin it. But, look, what I think he was trying to say it’s not easy to be president, especially with the opposition party mainstream media and all the ridiculous criticism that he has to endure. What I really think, you know the broader point that he was making to our audience is we are fighting for you. We are fighting that next generation. Not only that are we fighting for you but we're succeeding. And the point that he made that I thought is was so impactful specifically with the tax cut, it was not just a middle class tax cut, but it was a millennial tax cut, repealing the individual mandate tax, which essentially is a tax on the next generation for my peers that were not able to afford health care. They say, no, no, you have to pay healthcare. President Trump got rid of that. All the young workers that got bonuses, that, by the way, $1,000 is not crumbs to a young worker at Home Depot or AT&T or all these other companies. So he did a wonderful job articulating it and it was a great experience."

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