Tucker Blasts CNN’s Jeff Zucker: He’s ‘An Agent of Foreign Governments’

‘How much is Jeff Zucker making in exchange for airing propaganda on behalf of a hostile foreign power?’

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CARLSON: "How much is Jeff Zucker making in exchange for airing propaganda on behalf of a hostile foreign power? Put in a couple calls to CNN to find out they haven’t gotten back to us weirdly. Turkey is not the only country where CNN is state TV. Zucker run as sleazy side job selling air time to oppressive governments around the world. Zucker announced CNN Philippines. Quote, we are confident the Flipino audience is going to embrace CNN Philippines, Zucker said at the time. What Jeff Zucker didn’t say CNN Philippines is in part controlled by the government of Rodrigo Duterte whose death squads have killed tens of thousands of Filipinos. That’s Jeff Zucker’s business partner. We could go on and on. What’s amazing is that few Americans know about any of this. Jeff Zucker has escaped the scrutiny of say R.T., the cable channel that late last year was forced to register as an agent of a foreign government. Yet, Jeff Zucker is also an agent of foreign governments. He takes their money, he runs their propaganda. He hides their internal repression and runs penguin videos instead. What else is Jeff Zucker doing? Good question. Maybe we could use a congressional hearing or two to find out."

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