John Bolton on Being the New NSA: ‘It’s Still Sinking In’

‘The national security adviser like all of the president’s top advisers serve at his pleasure’


MacCALLUM: "Let me ask you a more personal question. You’re someone over the years that has entertained the idea of running for president at times. There was discussion that you would be considered as secretary of state at times during the construction of this administration. So on a personal level, how do you feel about the job that you’ve been offered and what it means for you in your life and your future?"
BOLTON: "Well, it’s still sinking in. I haven’t thought about it a great deal."
MacCALLUM: "But you’ve been thinking about it the past few weeks. I know you made a few visits to the White House the past few weeks and no doubt you’ve had conversations. In terms of the way that you — the impact that you can have on America, on being in the white House, on being that close to the president. I know you feel strongly about this president and his potential — you said you believe he has enormous potential. What can John Bolton bring to the table?"
BOLTON: "You’ve said more about my views than I have, which is an interesting observation. But look, you know, the national security adviser like all of the president’s top advisers serve at his pleasure. He may be a different kind of president than others, but I think that’s what the people voted for. That’s the role I’ve been asked to take on that I sought certainly and I’m placed to have accepted it and honored to carry it out. We’ll see what happens."

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