Paul Ryan: We’re Funding a Border Wall System with $1.6B

‘It is a border wall system that the border patrol tells us they need’


KILMEADE: "Just on the wall real quick; 1.6 billion, the 1.6 billion is the total. Is that wrong? Because I only heard 650 million goes to the wall."
RYAN: "No, 1.6 total for the -- 1.6 for the entire -- but the border also you need -- you need fences, you need cameras, you need electronic devices, you need these -- you need the aerial devices to be able to police it. In the mountainous areas you can’t build a wall over a mountain."
DOOCY: "Sure."
RYAN: "So you need cameras and you need drones up there. So it's a border wall system that the border patrol tells us they need. And so we fund their request, based on what they say they need to secure the border. And it's different kinds of wall based on different kinds of conditions on the ground -- that's what we fund."

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